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Best Small Business Bookkeeping in Centennial
Accurate Accounting & QuickBooks Training 

Perlinger Consulting specializes in helping small business owners. Whether you're just starting out, scaling up, or fully established, we're here to partner in your financial success.


We offer trusted and accurate accounting and bookkeeping services to help you get your finances on track, so you can focus on growing your business.


Tired of dealing with inaccurate bookkeeping and subpar customer service? Perlinger Consulting has got you covered.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your unique small business needs.


Centennial, CO based with global reach. Where ever you are, we are ready to help.



Free up your time to focus on what's important: growing your business.


Take the stress out of bookkeeping and focus on what you love.


Maximize your profits and save money on your taxes with our bookkeeping services.

  Perlinger Consulting, Inc.
Your Partner in Financial Success

Expert Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for
Your Small Businesses


Struggling with your finances? Perlinger Consulting is here to help. We're not just another accounting service; we're your comprehensive partner for small business bookkeeping and accurate accounting.


Here's how we can elevate your financial journey:


1. Income & Expense Tracking: Specializing in accurate accounting services, we manage your cash flow to provide a crystal-clear financial snapshot of your business. Our bookkeeping for small business is designed to give you peace of mind.


2. Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations: Avoid financial discrepancies with our bank and credit card reconciliations. This is a key component of our accurate accounting services, ensuring every dollar is accounted for.


3. Financial Reporting: Get more than just numbers; get insights. Our bookkeeping for small business includes generating detailed financial statements that let you gauge your business performance effectively.


4. Tax Planning & Preparation: Our comprehensive bookkeeping makes tax time a breeze with everything in order. We aim to maximize your savings, making tax season less stressful. Accurate accounting is our promise, and it extends to your tax preparations.


5. Financial Advisory: Make informed business decisions with our expert advice. Whether it's about accounts payable automation or accounts receivable, our insights are geared to help your small business succeed.


In addition, our QuickBooks consulting services are second to none. Whether you're looking for QuickBooks training for beginners or advanced QuickBooks consulting, we’re your go-to experts.


Don’t wait to take control of your finances. Contact us today for a free consultation. With our focus on bookkeeping for small business and accurate accounting, we're dedicated to helping you grow!

3-Step Process

The Perlinger Consulting

Simple 3 Step Process




Step 1

Discovery Call
Start by introducing your business to the Perlinger Consulting team. Let us know what services you're considering, and always feel free to ask questions. Your clarity is our priority!

Step 2

Your Custom Plan is Created

Based on the information that you provide, we partner with you in making informed choices on what services meet for your small business needs.

Step 3

We Do All The Work!

Let the work begin! Freeing up your schedule so you can concentrate on running your business and take the stress out of bookkeeping.

It starts with a 14-Minute Call!

I have used the services of PCI for the last year to help me set up and maintain my QuickBooks accounts. I want to say that they have been very friendly, helpful and wonderful to work with. I have continued to rely on their support to keep my accounts in good shape. Their teaching has really helped me to use QuickBooks much more efficiently in my job.

- Jeanie Hutton, Parish Administrator of ACTS Church

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